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Has anyone seen, 

the girl I used to be?

We gained a little life

But in the process

We lost me

And it's only really me

Who can truly see

How motherhood has left its mark


Call off the search

Her bridges have been burned

She just popped out for milk one day

And never returned 

She has been replaced by

This knock-off Stepford Wife

Who is going trhough the motions

Living this new version of her life  

She almost looks the same

A similar sort of height 

But something is different about her smile

Something's missing from her eyes

She has lost the sense of silly

That favours the carefree

Bogged down now

With responsibility

Takes every little thing

So seriously 

Maybe its in her make up

The way that she is wired 

She'd report a malfunction 

If she wasnt so bloody tired 

I wonder where the old one is 

I hope that she's alright 

Had I knows she'd up and leave us

Then I might of said 'goodbye'

@Mother _Truths 

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