About The Mummy Editorial

Hi! I'm Liz!

Thank you for visiting my page. It is always nice to know a bit about the person behind the profile so here is a little about me. I am married to Brad we are the proud parents of two girls - Freya aged 3 years and Roisin who is 17 months. I am from Ireland but have been living in the UK since 2011 I do miss home but I love it here. Two years ago we made the move from London to the Buckinghamshire country side. Its been hard for me to get used to it as I am a city girl but I have grown to love and appropriate it.  

On my website you will find many things, starting with something I feel very passionately about and that is Positive Birthing. I unfortunately went through a traumatic experience having my first baby . I suffered with PTSD, worked with a therapist and then went on to have my second baby in a powerful and beautifully positive way. I am also an Ambassador for Make Birth Better so you will find more on my blog about that. I also love helping parents with positive mental health, children's mental health,  parenthood, remembering to find themselves again female empowerment, self love and mush more .

A lot of us suffer from loss of identity after having children so I am keen on reminding parents about self care and doing things for themselves again.This is where my 'lifestyle' side of blogging comes into it.  The 'me' before children loved fashion, food and culture so I try to embrace  that as much as I can still. I love connecting and meeting new people at events and through my blog. 


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