Are we Obsessing about our Children's Routines?

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

From the get-go I was always about routines. Feeding, sleeping, bathing, napping, eating. I feel it is drilled into us when it comes to babies. Your baby must eat at this time, sleep at this time and so on.

I do still stick to a routine. It gets me through my day, knowing what comes next and can make life easier. I also believe that toddlers work very well with routine. My little one likes to know what the plan is, where we are going, who we will be seeing, when she will be eating. If you think, they have no concept of time and have no clue what time of the day it is so having a structure can really help them in their day.

When my second baby was born, we started off well with a routine, but I soon found out that it doesn’t always work out that way.

With Freya (my eldest) everything was so over the top. To the extent that I would cancel plans just because I knew that it was a nap time or feed time. Looking back, I think it was a bit silly. However, at the time I felt it was the right thing to do. From 5 months she was in her own room, she was sleeping through, she was eating well, breastfeeding was structured, she was sleeping twice a day, she went on morning walks, she had some classes here and there. My world revolved around Freya’s routine.

Now I have two children and I am just totally unable to fully commit to an all-day routine. Managing two children’s routines can be tricky. Roisin does have a structure to her day. She feeds, eats and sleeps around similar times. However, if I cannot get her to nap, I cannot spend too long trying as I have Freya running around so that has often been cut short. Roisin has had to slip into a routine not of her own but one of Freya’s.

I follow some mums on Instagram that only have one child and sometimes I feel terrible that I am just unable to put my full efforts into Roisin’s routine. But you know what, she is actually just fine! The worry that we MUST have a fully working, healthy routine can get overwhelming. We can lose ourselves slightly.

I have recently learned that children will be ok if they go to bed half an hour later or eat twenty mins past lunch time. I do keep a routine but a loose one. One that is good for all of us. I don’t put shopping or play dates off because of naps as I know that naps will be taken eventually and if they are not, That’s ok.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with routines, don’t! It is good to have one to a certain extent, but children will be okay if they don’t have a bath every night or if they miss their afternoon nap. Life goes on, children grow, they will develop just fine. Having a routine, is nice but it’s not for everyone and every child.

Let’s give ourselves a break.

My next blog will be about Co Sleeping. If you have any questions or concerns drop me a mail and I will incorporate the answers into the blog.

Thanks for reading x

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