Don’t Let Staying in Stop Your Imagination Stepping Out

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

In light of everything that is going on and the fact that none of us can get out to any classes or meet ups because a) we are social distancing and b) none of the classes are running right now (duh). I thought I would do a blog post with some free online classes available to us straight to our living room. I know children thrive on routine but for the next few months this will vary for them. Not everyday will be the same, like the routine of going to school, much will change. There is a lot of pressures on parents but don’t forget children learn by watching us and we are most definitely teaching them throughout our day without even realising. I am aware each child is at a different stage but we have to be kind to ourselves and remember we are all in it together so never be afraid to reach out for support.

My suggestions cover children's classes, solo meditations or something for the whole family.

Boppin Bunnies are a national award-winning group of musicians who perform live for children every week. All musicians have a history in music from education & performance to music degrees. Each teacher plays a different instrument from trumpet or guitar to viola or bassoon. They are offering classes for free on Mon, Wed and Fri at 10am VIA their Facebook page, with recordings kept so you can catch up of you miss it. It is suggested that we get imaginative by using home instruments, tea towels for scarves, pans and spoons for drums etc. It is also suggested that if you don’t find yourself in a financial hardship at this time if you could donate £5 per family, this will help keep Boppin Bunnies floating. The age range for this class is under 5’s. The link for Facebook is:


TenofZen , Nikki from Ten of Zen has opened up her mindfulness group on Facebook to give us 10 minutes Mon-Fri @ 9.30am of meditation or 2 minute micro zen hacks for the WHOLE FAMILY. This is a wonderful way to start our day and we can get everyone involved. I am going to be joining in too. At this particular time, we have to look after our minds and our children’s minds if we can’t get out of the house. Nikki is looking to involve some yoga in the afternoons for children too so watch this space.This can be done solo or as a group activity.

The Body Coach otherwise known as Joe Wicks is doing PE sessions for the whole family Mon- Fri @ 9am on his YouTube channel. How amazing is this? Something to get us all up and get our hearts pumping. If the weather is good, why not bring the IPAD out to the garden and do it outside? Natural endorphins can really help our minds and bodies. Joe is a dad himself and knows that the coming weeks may be hard ones so he is doing anything he can to help our nation of families- he has is slowly becoming the nations PE teacher. #PEwithJOE . Joe also has some home workouts available for adults if you are interested in a solo work out.

Phonics Play has made their site FREE to use. This interactive website is wonderful for children learning to read and write. They offer printable resources, inspiration, advice for parents and you do nothave to subscribe to get involved. Just sign in using March20 as the username and home as the password. I love this one as Freya has started to write her name and use phonics to spell so it’s great to have this to fall back on for inspiration over the coming weeks.

Baby Sensory North Bucks have started going LIVE in the mornings for our little ones, at the moment this is temporary as they are preparing to go LIVE on ZOOM so all parents can see each other during the class, but that option is not available just yet. This is a lovely way to watch and interact with your children. For some parents that are familiar with the classes it’s a great way to try and keep some normality going or even for some that are new – everyone will enjoy these sessions. Up to 1 years old.

Toddler Time and Movement is a class I am huge fan of. Annette is a wonderful performer that also has roles our local Milton Keynes Pantomimes. Annette will be going LIVE on Monday’s and Friday’s at 10am VIA her Facebook page. It’s completely free and will last 30 minutes. It’s a class full of songs, dances and interactions. A really high paced class sure to entertain your kids so you can have a cuppa! Ages : preschool but is fun for all the family You can join her page here:

I hope this has helped a little and I will be writing some more things available soon.

Feel free to follow my Instagram page for more updates. We WILL get through this together.

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