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Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Feeling self-confident or even empowered is not something that we all naturally portray (keep reading!). Yes, for some it can come naturally and that is wonderful. But, unfortunately for many of us something huge must happen in our lives, for us to realise that we DO have it and HAVE had it the whole time!

For me, I worked through a trauma and went on to have an amazing birth of my second child and realised then that I was capable of anything. The feelings I got with that were overwhelming and I had a lot of regret I did not notice sooner that I really mattered. That I did not see my body as something beautiful but just something that I hoped someone else would see as beautiful!

I want to introduce you to three amazing brands that believe in female empowerment and having the best for you and your amazing body!


I think when it comes to periods, we stick with what we think works right? When I first discovered this brand, I will be honest I was not sure about making a change. We will stay with what we find comfortable etc. I have been using tampons for 19 years! I mean WHAT!! However, the reality is – there are better products out there for you. Ones that are more comfortable and better for the environment.

Personally, I don’t like the term ‘period pants. I have no idea why; I just don’t find it appealing. But, that essentially is what they are and my word they are wonderful. They have underwear for every type of women from light periods to heavy ones. Modibodi does not just stop at periods, they have also taken bladder leaks and discharge into account! Yes, I said discharge….

What’s with the face? It is a normal healthy bodily function! Its actually you're body cleaning itself! Isn't that amazing!

Their underwear have Modifier Air Technology so if you have your period and you go for a run or it’s a hot day chasing around after the children, they will stay fresh! They also have a huge variety and even a sensual line which I love. Some gorgeous colours too! You can choose from light to heavy flow underwear - With the light holding up to 10mls = 2 tampons, or heavy which can absorb 20mls = 3-4 tampons.

My conclusion is – don’t knock it until you try it. Personally, I may not use these every single day but I will be honest, I don’t want to use a tampon every day or even at night time when there is cause for leaks, so these will come into great use.


If you go to their WEBSITE and subscribe you will get 10% off your order. You can have a look for your perfect underwear here


Duvet Days

This is an incredible brand all about visuals of our bodies. I truly believe after so many years of seeing unrealistic body images growing up on TV and in magazine’s we need some beautiful and informative art. Duvet Days print fascinating designs of the female and male anatomy. Which I think is a great place to start on a journey to self love and appreciation. Knowing what our body parts are called and knowing what they can do is so empowering. It also brings up the conversation surrounding, how we plan on teaching our children the correct names for their body parts?

Why should girls grow up calling their vagina a ‘Fairy’? They do not call their shoulder anything different. And why would a boy call his penis a ‘Winky’? Why would we deny them the right to know the names of certain parts of their body? No wonder so many women do not know where their vulva is! Can you just think about that for a moment? There is no one else who is supposed to know you better than yourself and many women do not even know what their body parts are called – let alone their function!

Not only is having a piece of art from Duvet Days educational but they are beautiful images too. They also have a section showing the female body in stages through pregnancy all the way to motherhood. It really is something!

Their newest launch is an Anatomy and Pregnancy colouring book. Adult colouring books have really taken off in the last few years and it can be so relaxing to just sit with a cup of tea and create something magical (even if it is with your kid’s crayons!) Just turn off your phone, close your laptop and create.

Pictures Via @DuvetDays on Instagram

At Duvet Days they believe in self discovery and so do I. That is why I feel I have so much more to say but I think you should just check them out for yourself. I have been lucky enough to communicate with the woman behind Duvet Days, Jenna Wiebe. She is inspiring. There is a lot more to this wonderful brand then you think.

If you want to purchase a design or colouring book, you will find them here

Duvet Days have a sale right now until the 25th July. Giving you 30% off your entire purchase. No code necessary, discount will be applied at checkout



I have become deeply passionate about this brand. The more I learn the more I cannot believe that I have been purchasing my monthly tampons and period essentials in my weekly shop! (When I say essentials I mean paracetamol, hot water bottles and lots of chocolate to make myself feel better). Not only that, I put a poll to my follows on Instagram and 85% of people who voted said they do the same. I feel slightly uneducated when it comes to period products and what I can do to have a better monthly cycle - and not dread it.

Can you just think about that for a moment? Something I have been getting every month for approx. 19 years and I do not know EVERYTHING about it!!!! Do you feel the same?

Daye is different. They have women’s wellness and mental health in mind when they created these unbelievable tampons. Let me just list some facts about them:

1. They have a protective sleeve to protect your vagina from fibre loss.

2. You can choose tampons that are CBD infused to use on days your cramps are getting in the way. (I mean, can you even believe how amazing that is!!!!)

3. Sanitised, keeping the bad bacteria out.

4. Natural, Toxin free Fibres – keeping you safe from herbicides and pesticides

5. Planet friendly packaging. Including compostable packaging.

Fun Period Fact

In the EU tampons are not regulated as a medical devise. Which in English means, a plaster is more sanitised than a tampon.

But not at Daye. Not only are they empowering women, but they are keeping our planet lighter. Their aim is to leave an impact, not a trace.

How to Buy

Daye is a subscription box. You personalise it to how you like it (you can take a quiz to see what types of tampons would meet your needs) you have a choice of 12-18 tampons synced to your cycle so they arrive just on time and, they fit through the letter box so no running down the road after the postman. Have a look for yourself and thank me later. Actually, thank them!


Use code amb-747W to get £5 off!!!

My Blog Conclusion

I am saddened to think that 32 years later I am only learning all this information about my own body. But I am so happy to of found these amazing, empowering brands. Being able to share them with you is even more wonderful. Lets open conversations about periods and our bodies. What have we got to hide? We are all beautiful humans and we should be doing the best for ourselves and our children. We are certainly worth it!


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