One Incredible Summer Essential – Tesalate

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Just imagine this- a beautiful day, the sun is shining, birds are singing and a day at the beach is suggested - perfect! You pack the car up, snacks, kids - the lot! You do the two-hour drive to the beach have a glorious day in the sand and water. Everyone is tired, so you are ready to go home but you all have sore, wet sand stuck to all the towels and toes. Now it has been dragged into the car by everyone. Which means car seats and whole evacuation of the car will have to be done to get it cleaned!

Let’s delete the last part because the Tesalate sand free towel stops this all from happening! Yep, you read that correctly SAND FREE. Not only that but they have some other outstanding qualities – They are ultra-absorbent - holding up to 1ltr of water, they are compact so they roll up into small bags perfectly and they are rapid at drying so no more packing wet towels!

Tesalate have some beautiful designs and all towels are double sided. You can also get towels just for one person or a XL towel that fits two!

The one I have is ‘Into The Wild’ and I adore the design so much. Even though we have not made it to the beach yet this year we have been using it for picnics in the park, which is just as good. I grab the picnic basket, hats and my Tesalate and off we go. If neither the beach or picnics are your thing these can be used for working out so they are something for everyone.


You can get 10% off, just click here and sign up – Its that easy AND they have free UK shipping!

I would love to know if you have one and what you think. Let me know here or on my Instagram.

Here is to a SAND FREE 2020 & Beyond!

Liz - The Mummy Editorial x

*This is a blog post featured gifted items.

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