Positively Locked Down

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Look at how far we have come! Here we are going into week nine of lockdown and how are we finding it? Emotions are running through us for sure. And knowing I am not alone is so comforting. I have been nominated by the wonderful Sonia Constant from Mummyconstant.com to pull out some positives from everything we have been through during lockdown.

This really got me thinking and realising – there are a lot!

Embracing my choices for my family

Okay, hear me out! Everyday we go with what society has created. The usual up in the morning, manic breakfast, making lunch, preparing, dressing, out the door, deadlines, timelines the list goes on. But, being home and creating a day for the family under my rules has been embracing. When we start and stop preschool work, when we get dressed, when we go out, when we eat. Its all up to us as parents. No commitments, no apologising to anyone. It’s been refreshing!

My Girls

Self Care

We all know its an important aspect of life and if you follow me you will know I am a huge advocate for getting time to do something for yourself. Now more than ever its important. I am realised that even being in a full house, we can get that time. I go upstairs, have a nice warm shower, do my skin routine and maybe paint my nails. It seems like ‘normal’ things bit these things are considered self-care and its so wonderful to finally realise that it’s the little things that can make us happy!

Self care essentials from Sebamed

My perspective has changed

We all have worries and usually we have them about uncertainties. Things that might happen. What I have come to realise is no matter what happens in this world, we cannot control everything. I have always known how important my family are, but I know that all I can do is my best to protect them. I have learnt to stop worrying about the ‘what if’s’ and just decide based on what is right for us collectively as four. So what if 'Mary' from down the road is sending her children back to school. I have decided not to, and I am not going to worry about that decision. Everyone has a right to their choice.


WOW, what a community I have where I live, and I did not even know it. On my doorstep!!! This lockdown has really showed how important neighbours are just even to smile at or say hello to. Every Thursday we all come out of our house to Clap for Carers . Some clap, some cheer, some even blow whistles, but you know what, we all wave to each other and that is also amazing. We are all inside most of the day and to come out to such welcoming neighbours is so warming. I have learnt that no matter what, we have each other. We are all human. We are all here together.

Working from home

My husband works in London and he works nights! His commute is a 2-hour journey there AND back. So, since lockdown he has been working upstairs at night time and just having him here has been amazing. He pops down to see us in the evening, he eats with us (which he never could), he can get up with us in the mornings and just makes a huge difference to the family dynamic. This is definitely a positive and something I will always remember.

Daddy working from home

Digital wellbeing

Blogging and everything that comes with it is a lot of work. Some people do not realise how much goes on behind the scenes. Being home I have been able to just dedicate a certain amount of time a day to blogging and uploading content. Before seemed scatty but now we have a comfortable schedule. I blog in the morning; we eat lunch and then the afternoon is free until Brad has to go up to work. Its working well for us. Before lockdown Brad would need extra sleep in the morning so I would have the children and not have time to write down my thoughts and ideas. Now, he gets to bed two hours earlier, so I get some time in the morning to write.


Lockdown as taught me that I can be creative anywhere. That I can think of ideas and pursue them in the house/garden. It has shown me that I can achieve anything I want to, from here in my home. Every day I think or see ideas that I want to pursue. Just imagine what I can do when we can go out again. If I can do things in just my home, what has the outside world go to offer! When I began blogging full time in Nov I said that 2020 was going to be my year! I still believe it.

Being creative

My children

I have made it my responsibility to make this time a happy and memorable time for my kids. Of course, not every day is easy and sometimes I just do not have it in me to do EVERYTHING with them. But I want them to remember this lockdown time as a positive memory. One where we all spent time together, danced, laughed, and played. It has made me appreciate them so much and watching them grow has been such a pleasure. Realising that I need them just as much as they need me.

I hope you can relate and enjoyed reading. I would like to nominate Jenny from The Outdoors Mum to share her positives on her lockdown experience.

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