Sebamed Q10 Anti Ageing Skincare Launch.

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

The Mummy Editorial Myself and Dr Jane Leonard Sebamed Range

I just want to start by making one thing clear, since having children I have neglected my skin. I believe in self care however, in my mind it never involved sitting down every evening complete a skincare routine. Its no secret that I am not getting any younger so I really need to start looking after myself.

The way I was feeling couldn't of actually been at a more perfect time when I got the invitation to the launch of Sebamed's new skincare range. I had heard of Sebamed but I had never tried their products. When I read more about them I discovered they have a hair-care range and a baby care range, which I am looking forward to trying! So on Thursday the 27th February I jumped up at 6am, got ready in the quietest fashion (we all know what happens if the kids wake) and headed into London for a breakfast with a difference.

Set in a beautiful space in Holbourn called The Icetank there was a fabulous mixture of guests and things to do. The morning began with a talk from Dr Jane Leonard who is the brands Ambassador. Dr Jane is a very respected Aesthetics Doctor and absolutely loves Sebamed. She explained that she has very reactive skin so Sebamed is perfect for her as its PH is only 5.5. She explained:

'My skin can be at both ends of the spectrum, it can be Acne prone and Excema prone and this works for both'. Ageing is something that will happen to us allat some point and i love that anyone can use the range to plump skin whichever stage they may be at'.

We then had a 30 minute session with Danielle Collins (@faceyogaexpert) who is a Face Yoga Expert.... wow!Have you ever heard of that? She really blew me away with her knowledge of Yoga and its history. She told us her very inspiring story and then we got to try some techniques . Ones that we can use while applying product which can help with anti ageing too. The results over time vary from person to person but are proven to work!

Demo of Facial Yoga Danielle Collins @Faceyogaexpert Facial Analysis

As the morning went on I had some great conversations with some really inspiring women about many things but ageing was the main topic. How it makes us feel, how we are coping with getting older, growing old gracefully? It is definitely an open ended conversation. I was then invited to have my skin analysed. This process was very fascinating.(photo above) I put my face into a machine and it took some pictures of my skin - the results were in!!!

I scored low on pours, blemishes, wrinkles and had even skin tone but got a medium result with sun damage, which I expected as I am very fair skinned. I then had my skin tested for moisture but I did not score so well on that! My face and eye area were in the medium range but my hands and body scored very low. To be honest I was not really surprised at this. I spoke to them about my pre-children days and how I moisturised head to toe after a shower. These days I am lucky to get a bit on my face before I apply make up. Is that embarrassing or is it the reality of being a parent with young children?

The event itself was very informative, with many professionals there on hand to discuss skincare further and it really gave me the kick I need to get back in the skincare game. I now know what areas I need to focus on and what I need to use to help delay wrinkles.

Sebamed's new range ( starting from £7.29) is made up of Wrinkle Filler, Q10 Eye Lifting Cream, Q10 Protection Cream and Q10 Firming Body Lotion. Along with the core ingredients Q10 and Hyaluronic Acid there is Vitamin E and Aragon Oil. These products are also paraben and silicone free. If you are interested in purchasing them you can click here.

If you suffer from any skin conditions I highly recommend following Jemma @nonsentsatno10 who documents her journey with sensitive skin and allergies. Check out her blog here (click here)

Below you will find a short video of the event and I hope you enjoyed reading. If you have any questions please get in touch!

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