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Updated: Nov 25, 2020

In my twenties I just never had an appreciation for flowers. Yeah, I would see a bunch and think they were pretty, maybe make a little noise about them but never desired to have flowers in my living space. Now I am older I can see how they can brighten my day. They just have such a wonderful presence and a divine smell that I cannot get enough if them.

I have been receiving Bloom and Wild flowers for a while now. They have a Letterbox range that is delivered directly into your door. The arrive still sleeping but as soon as you give them some love and water they bloom so gracefully. I have put together this blog to help any beginners with unpacking, arranging, and tips to helping your flowers bloom.

Bloom and Wild have it covered and do send a very handy guide specifically related to each bunch of flowers. However, sometimes its easier to see someone do it step by step.

Things you need:

· Scissors

· A clean vase

· Flower Food (comes with blooms)

· Measuring guide found in instruction book

.Tape (optional)

You're Blooms Have Arrived

Great they are here, and they are thirsty so I would suggest attending to the package straight away. When you open the box, you will see your instruction guide and usually a % off you next order (Thanks Bloom and Wild). Before taking them all out, create a space for them. Somewhere you can line them up side by side or in their flower group.


Now you can take them out one by one and place in the space you have made. Once they are lined up you need to get your vase and fill it up with water, pouring in the flower food. Just one sachet and mix. When ready get your instruction booklet, it is suggested to cut 2-3cm off each stem diagonally. However, some flowers may be taller. There is a measuring guide there for you. You should also pull off any leaves at the bottom of the flowers, so none are in the water.

Arranging your Vase

Once all are trimmed, they are ready to be arranged. Its best to place them in crisscross if that makes sense. Also, if you feel that the neck of your vase is too large you can use some tape, place it along the top of your vase (like an X and O game!) creating holes that you place the stems through. The arrangement is up to you. I like to mix them to have a variety of flowers around the vase.

Taking care of your Blooms

After 2 days you will see your flowers come alive! Keep them away from windows and radiators. Once you see a flower begin to wither, remove it. Change the water every 2-3 days, flowers love clean water! And, keep them trimmed. Flowers grow upwards, so they will just keep getting taller and taller.

I find that having a beautiful bunch just cheers me up so much. If not for yourself, maybe for someone else?

I hope you found this useful. You can receive £10 off your order here - It is so hard to choose as there are so options available but The Harper is one of my favourites.

Enjoy your BLOOMS .

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