Words for Motherhood

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

As s mother that has been through birth trauma and the rest I speak openly and honestly about being a parent. I absolutely adore my girls. I would so anything for them but I am exhausted and overwhelmed sometimes and that is okay! Its okay to say that - I does not mean you do not love your children!!

Last month I reached out to some absolutely amazing women that I follow on social media and some that I am friends with. There was planning, laughing and so much love when we all pulled together to make this video.

So far its has had almost 12k views on my Instagram page and its been a dream of mine to reach so many women. I just want mothers to know that they are not alone and the feelings that they have MATTER! Also to realise that, we are actually all feeling the same. Maybe not at the same time but at some point on our journey, we have felt it!

So here its is!

I hope you enjoy.

Please let me know on here or on social media if it helped you. Also, please SHARE! Lets get talking!

You can find and follow all these wonderful ladies through the tags on my Instagram page.

Music By Callistan

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Take Care - Liz x

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