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The Mummy Editorial is an independently run Content Creation and Blogging Brand based in Milton Keynes. Covering all things Motherhood, Fashion, Lifestyle, Self Love and Empowerment. 

I have a passion for working with inspiring brands and ones I genuinely love. Creating content that has an impact. Products that make us feel good, something we can treat ourselves with so we can fall in love again. Embracing days out with whether that is with  delicious food, capturing moments through how a product makes us feel or enjoying our lives as much as we can. 


Here are some of the brands I have worked with.

I do not have set rates and there is a good reason for this. I believe every brand is different which means they have a certain budget. I am always happy to give you a guideline for what I can offer, so we can go from there. 

I can offer content captures, videos, blogs, vlogs, media shares and much more. 

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Liz Alexander - The Mummy Editorial 

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